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Deva Gruppen Branding & Marketing Campaigns

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We are a team of like-minded, dedicated and passionate individuals, inspired by all things natural. Through our various life experiences, we have come to recognise and appreciate the importance of the most valuable wealth ever – HEALTH. With that being the driving force, we are geared towards making our small contribution in creating a healthier society.

Deva Gruppen believes in healthy eating and Eco-friendly products for green living and a better future. As the authorised distributor of Patanjali range of products in Norway, we stand united in bringing nothing but the best of nature’s purest and high-quality products to you. From everyday staple food, finger-licking snacks, exclusive beauty care and personal care to home care products – we have got it all covered.

Now, Norway has a quick, one-stop shop access to a gamut of pure, natural, vegan, vegetarian products. We are delighted to bring to you, your children, your friends and family – herbal, natural and healthy choices. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the best of health and taste with our newly launched range of Patanjali products.

We also strongly believe in promoting Eco-friendly products, and ‘going green’ is a mantra we strictly adhere to. Deva Eco-friendly products seeks to provide environment-friendly, sustainable alternatives to the Nordic region, be it in the form of leaf plates, cloth bags, or clay pottery.


May 1, 2020


FMCG, Food & Entertainment


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