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Fudzer is a leading FMCG sub brand of Noviberg which specialises in making spices, a pinch of it enhances the aura and taste of your food. They are well known for their spices not only because of the magical taste it adds to each cuisine but the smell that follows which acts like a magnet one can’t resist.

Frisky designs covers all the spectrum of designing and styling. We designed the packaging for the FMCG sub brand of Noviberg. While designing the thought prevailing our mind was to retain the brand identity. The Packaging contains Chili Flakes Label, Oregano Label, Onion Powder Label, Flax Seeds Label, Pumpkin Seeds Label, Quinoa Label, Garlic Granules Label, Sunflower Seeds Label, Amaranth Seeds Label, Black Sesame Seeds Label, Basil Seeds Label, Cinnamon Powder Label, Garlic Powder Label, thus each and every label was designed with a focus on the main element inside the container, hence each label design represents the spice it contains. The color combination and the visuals used compliments the brand identity to attract it’s customers. One can easily make out what a game changer the product will be just by a single look on our packaging. Frisky designs established the love for spices especially in the Indian households by designing a visual that will be imprinted as a mark.


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June 22, 2022


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