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HAKKA-MIRCHI Logo & Branding

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HAKKA-MIRCHI Logo & Branding

The name MIRCHI denotes a bold and un-conservative kind of authentic Indian cuisine. It is not just another bland, ultra-conservative, traditional Tandoori and Mughlai Food restaurant. It is a place where you can explore specialty cuisines of different regions recreated with a variety of spices to really enhance the taste buds of the food lover. It offers authentic as well as its own creations of Indian recipes from various regions and have not restricted themselves to Mughlai food. Again, according to Ranjiv Kumar, owner, sometimes all it takes is that extra dash of something to turn around an everyday dish into something exotic, and not too many restaurants believe in doing that the result is, that you get similar tasting food everywhere… at Hakka Mirchi we have dared to do that Currently situated at 100-Foota Road (S.S.N.Marg), Chattarpur, New Delhi, the 22-cover restaurant, is a remarkable attempt to offer a unique concept. This is the first of a slew of outlets, on the anvil at various locations in NCR.


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September 30, 2020


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