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Cricket Sofa Logo & Branding

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Cricket Sofa Logo & Branding

It is an Indian company that is intended to provide services to all the cities in the country. It is headquartered in Chennai. Visionary, true value, transparent, visible and entrepreneurial management by two generations of technocrats has built this company.

They deliver Food, Groceries, Essential needs, Oil, Fruits and Vegetables, Ice Creams, Oral Care, Food grains and Masala, Beverages and Non Alcoholic drinks, Snacks and Branded snacks, Sweets and Branded Sweets, Nuts and Spices, Garments and Branded garments, Perfumes and Fragrances, Stationery and office needs, Baby Care, Beauty and hygienic items, Cleaning and household items, Eggs, Meat and Fish, Coconut and coconut related products, Dairy products, Coffee and Tea varieties, Banquet items, Foot-ware, Mobiles and Accessories, Gift articles, & all kind of products as per the consumer needs with a high speed delivery.


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August 21, 2020


Logo & Branding, Sports


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