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Yeti Strength Character Logo

Yeti Strength is focused on strength training and performance with their modern and updated skills to maintain your daily fitness routine,

Yeti strength is a protein supplement and fitness brand. It focuses on strength training with their modern and updated skills to help you maintain a fitness routine. The brand name is in reference to a popular strong character Yeti which is known for its tenacity and ferociousness.
With the inputs from their founding team,

Frisky Designs has been involved in designing their logo and settling up a brand identity to appeal to modern and urban society. The logo shows a human with the strength of Yeti to reiterate the brand’s commitment to deliver the same. Logo evokes a feel of intimidation and power in a glance. We provided them with various shades of the logo and our team dedicatedly worked to offer the best according to the theme.


May 1, 2020


Health & Beauty, Sports


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